Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Ignorance Of The Masses

You just know someone is your good friend and that their parents love you when the father finds out that you have #schizophrenia and his comment to his son, who is your son's good friend,

"Watch out Jon! He's going to kill you!"


Way to show your glaring ignorance, stigma, insensitivity and seriously flawed personal character!

Thomas told me yesterday that was what his good friend's father said to him when he revealed he has schizophrenia. And this is the friend that Thomas wants to move out of our house to live with independently. Needless to say, Dan told Thomas in no uncertain terms that he flat out won't allow Thomas to live with this particular kid.

I FULLY support Dan.

We aren't jumping on this lightly because this friend also has consistently taken advantage of Thomas and his money (the kid knows Thomas gets SSI) among other things. This comment about schizophrenia just took the cake.

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  1. As someone in his mid thirties who has had problems with schizophrenia since my late teens, I've dealt with the ignorant and bigoted attitudes of many people like this for almost twenty years. The biggest reason, in my opinion, that mentally ill people are still demonized by the public in 2016 is because we have lousy publicists and lobbyists. If we had a fraction of the lobby and positive publicity as cancer victims, rape victims, and the GLBT communities, we wouldn't be facing these issues. Mental illness is really the last stronghold of bigotry. I hope I live long enough to see such ignorance and uncaring end. I also run a small blog on wordpress, about my experiences with schizophrenia. Thank you for your blog and keep writing.


    Zach Foster, Kearney, Nebraska


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