Monday, January 18, 2016


Hello everyone. I wanted to check in with everybody because I have gotten multiple personal inquiries about Thomas and I. I know that I have been away from blogging for a long time but there have been a myriad of reasons for it that I won't go into in this post. I know you all wonder and worry about Thomas and I wanted to give you a short update. He is doing pretty well mentally and that shows itself in his growing vocalized sense of hum...or and the fact that he sings AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS to his favorite songs. He's truly a joy to be around right now in that respect.

Unfortunately, though, like schizophrenia likes to do, it lulled me into thinking that all was right with the world. I operated in a world where, with Thomas, I thought we were moving towards healing. I'll admit I saw some worrisome signs when it came to the negative symptoms of his illness but I tried to keep positive and pray for improvement. Then last Friday happened.

Because of the delicate, personal nature of the issue with Thomas and because at this point in time I am unable and unprepared to write about what's going on with him while also honoring him and his dignity, I will have to keep some things vague. What I will say, though, is that he has developed an incredibly serious physical and medical issue that landed us in the E.R. on Friday. Because of the nature of the issue, the E.R. staff would do little for us and simply referred us to a surgeon.

That was it.

No useful advice for me as his caregiver, no medical supplies or shopping list for medical supplies, no nothing except for a piece of paper with a surgeon's phone number on it and urgent encouragement to call the surgeon Monday. Well, today is Monday, a holiday (the surgeon's office is closed), and I am now on day 3 of being a VERY UNEDUCATED "medical professional" learning from Google as I go along about how to take care of Thomas . I am constantly praying that I am doing everything right medically for Thomas until tomorrow when we will at least see his primary care provider and HOPEFULLY I'll get some counseling on how to take care of Thomas' medical issue in our home until we see the surgeon.

So, that is where we are, currently, and I am scared to death and feeling incredibly alone. I would like to ask you all to pray or send good, healing vibes for Thomas and for strength for me. I will do my absolute best to keep you all updated as the week goes on and I find out more information, get some guidance from medical professionals, and prepare for Thomas' surgery.

Thank you everyone!

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