Sunday, April 12, 2015

Say Cheese!!

Okay, Thomas is to be commended for indulging me and letting me take this photo. We went on a fantastic sight seeing adventure yesterday that ended in the town of Tillamook. As a family we walked a beautiful beach, climbed some sand dunes (whew! That's a lot of work!) And we hiked out to a cape overlooking the ocean. The view there was absolutely beautiful! Once in Tillamook (a cheese factory) it is tradition to get a waffle cone filled with our favorite ice cream and I told Thomas he had to pose in the "cheese van" before he could get any ice cream. He was a champ and got right in and let me take the picture. He even smiled as you can see!

Today is our last day of vacation and I don't know what we're going to do to wind it up. Something dislodged these rather curious creatures from somewhere out in the ocean and the are spread all down the beach in a line about 6 feet wide making walking on the beach a chore. I don't want to step on the poor things even though I think they are already dead. Currently Thomas is playing his new video game that he got and Dan and I are having coffee after a long walk through the hilly neighborhoods of this town. Dan and I went to the casino last night and lost the little bit of money we invested in the slots. It was Saturday night at the casino which usually means they tighten up the machines and make it harder to win. Thankfully we had the good sense to walk away before we had to put the car title up for collateral.

We'll be home tomorrow and back to real life and then 2 days later I'll be going to my conference. I got the itinerary for the conference classes and it looks very interesting. An entire half a day is about care giving so I look forward to that class and to sharing its contents with you all. When I read its description I teared up a bit because it seems to be just what we all need.

I'll post a couple more pictures today just to show you the places we've been.

More later...

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