Saturday, April 11, 2015

One Of His Favorite Things

Pictured here is Thomas doing the thing he most loves to do. Feeding the seagulls popcorn. For as along as I can remember when we went to the beach this was the thing he most likes to do. In the afternoon he headed down to the beach and from my balcony I snapped pictures of him feeding the seagulls. As he walked back up the hill to our condo he looked up at me standing in the window and waved and smiled a big I committed that moment to memory for the times when things get rough. I continue to relish every moment I can with Thomas on this trip.

Yesterday was a much more low-key day because I wasn't feeling terrific for some reason. The highlight of the day came with Dan and I going to the casino and having a lot of fun. Before leaving I told Thomas I would put $20 in a slot machine for him and see if I could win him anything. He told me as I was leaving that if I reached $100 that he wanted me to cash out. Honestly I didn't think I'd make that much money off of $20. I went to my favorite slot machine that has these cute penguins that do cute little dances when you win and they do random things that even when you don't spin anything and win, the machine turns darker and dollar signs sparkle and penguins come out and do different things and gives you wins. It's great fun!

Well I ran Thomas's $20 down to less than $5 and suddenly the machine started winning like crazy. When we broke $100 at $105.50, I cashed out and was so excited to bring it home to Thomas. Dan and I continued to play with some secret money I had stashed in a secret pocket in my wallet and won over $400 on that same machine. When we came home I acted nonchalant around Thomas and he didn't even ask how we'd done so it gave me a chance to get his money from my purse. I handed it to him with the $100 bill under a $5 dollar bill and laid a 50 cent piece on top of it and bless his heart he was so excited about the 50 cent piece. That's when Dan told him to look at his bills and he moved that $5 and looked under it and saw the $100 and was so excited! He immediately went and put it in his wallet. I don't know what he'll buy with it.

Over all and in spite of feeling sick, we, as a family, had another good day. As usual I don't know what's in store for our day but I'm thinking we might go up the coast to the Tillamook cheese factory and have a big ice cream cone and then sight see. Whatever we do, I will keep you posted.
I'm so glad so many of you liked Thomas's post yesterday. Your comments were wonderful and they will make him happy. I will have him read them all today and comment back.

Have a good day! More later....

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