Thursday, April 09, 2015

Morning On The Beach

It is a beautiful day on the Oregon Coast and this trip is off to a great start. We got to our room and Thomas immediately set up his new laptop and started playing games. He is so happy here for the most part which makes me happy. I didn't realize how much his mood and mental health was affecting me until we got here and things seemed to calm down for him and as such, I calmed down.

When we got... here our room wasn't ready so we headed over to the casino to their buffet and ate dinner. After dinner Thomas asked for his meds and I was struck with a tinge of sadness as he dumped them on a napkin and took each one, one by one. It's such a juxtaposition between the goodness of a vacation and the reality that we haven't escaped schizophrenia and that this illness is very much a part of him and all of us. It was just a moment of sadness and then the moment was gone.

Thomas loves the buffet and ate 3 pieces of chicken and 3 halves of canned peaches. He then headed for the dessert bar and got himself french vanilla cake. Usually he has soft serve ice cream with a copious amount of sprinkles but he said he didn't feel like having that. This was the first time, I think, ever in his life that he skipped it. After dinner we went over to the slot machines. Dan has a knack for picking a machine, feeding money in and then spinning a spin or two and winning. As such he put in $5 and won $54. That was pretty cool. Then we walked around a little bit and I found a machine I liked and put my $5 in and on the second spin won $75. It was pretty fun and all of this made Thomas so happy too. I promised him I'd set aside $20 with his name on it and see if I could win him anything. He is now eagerly awaiting HIS winnings.

As for today, I don't know what's in store for us. As you can see by the picture, it's a beautiful day so no doubt we'll spend a little time on the beach. All of us just really need some time to relax.

Okay, I am going to drink some coffee now and enjoy the morning and the view. I'm thinking of you all and wishing we could all be here together experiencing this so we could all relax and decompress. I'll keep you posted on things and will put up lots of pictures for you all.

I hope you all have a good day as much as is possible.

More later....

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