Friday, April 10, 2015

"If I Was A Bird I Would Want To Be One At The Ocean Because I Could Spread My Wings And Just Soar In The Wind."

I put that quote in as the title to the post because that is what Thomas said yesterday as we stood on a cliff looking at the ocean. Yesterday was truly a wonderful day for our family.

First we went shopping at the designer outlet stores here in Lincoln City. Thomas hunted furiously for some new shoes and I was surprised that he chose to look for dark gray ones. All of his life he has worn pure white shoes and nothing else so him wanting to wear dark gray was surprising. He's also back into baseball caps and searched for one he liked and couldn't find one that fit him. So for him it wasn't a lucrative shopping day but he VERY SWEETLY indulged me by going in the stores I wanted to and as I looked at clothes he would give me his opinions on things I picked up saying "I think you would look pretty in that." You have to understand that he's never voiced his opinion before when it came to my appearance. I'm not sure what's changed in him but I love that he's finally speaking up. I told him that someday he will be shopping with his girlfriend and he will be such a good partner to her by making her feel good about herself and her choices in clothing. He's really changing lately in many facets of his life where etiquette in relationships is concerned and I am very proud of him.

Next we drove down the coast and stopped at various view points along the way. We stopped in a small town and hit the saltwater taffy store and he did a great job and exercised self control in filling his bag with taffy. Usually he buys a ton but this time I asked him to keep it under control and he did. He was happy as a clam as we got back in the car and he broke into the bag and ate a few pieces.
Next we stopped at a lighthouse which was so much fun. We were able to go in the building and peer up the spiral stairs to the top. It was very cool. Then we went outside and just as he has done since he was very little, he asked for 2 quarters and put them in the telescope and he looked out into the ocean and told us all about a fishing boat he saw (pictured here).

Then we went down 8 flights of stairs down to the beach and he and I looked for shells, seaglass and agates. The beach was pure black rock so we found very little. Pictured here is Thomas on a big rock.

I was impressed at his bravery as he jumped over some small waves over to the rock and stood atop it like a king. He's so free on this trip actually really LIVING it and doing everything there is to do. Afterwards he and I ran up the stairs for exercise. He's not in the best shape but I was impressed how fast he got up them. We all (Dan included)stood at the top and tried to catch our breath. The whole lighthouse park experience was so much fun and more than anything, for me, it was wonderful seeing Thomas so unencumbered by anything.

The rest of the day consisted of wandering cute shops in a bayside town and eating dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant.

Over all it was a perfect day. I couldn't have asked for more perfect quality time with Thomas. Vacations seems so good for him and his mental health and I'm glad this vacation came along when it did since previous to it he's been struggling so much.

I don't know what's on our agenda for today but hopefully we do something fun again. Today is Friday's With Tom and he has written a very good post for you guys. I even learned some things about him that I didn't know. I am so impressed with his candidness and unfettered willingness to share his life and his experiences with his illness with all of you. He wrote this post in response to someone's question about what advice he would give to other young people living with schizophrenia. His post is scheduled for 10a.m. PST so keep an eye out for it. He LOVES your comments on what he writes and tries to respond to every one that requires a response.

Have a good day everyone. More later...

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