Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday's With Tom--My Vacation

Hey guys, Tom here and welcome to my blog.

I recently got back from vacation to the Oregon Coast (Lincoln City to be exact) and we had a great time. But we didn't just stay at Lincoln City, no, we went to the neighboring towns and did other stuff as well.

We went to the Yacquina Lighthouse and took a look around. The inside of the lighthouse was fairly interesting but was expected; two rooms (one for sleeping in, my guess, and the other an extra for whatever else they needed) and a spiral staircase up to the top of the lighthouse. We didn't go up because the stairs were off limits to the public. While we were there I was watching the sea gulls gliding in the air above us and I said to my mom, “I wish I was a sea gull. Just to be around the ocean, letting the wind flow beneath my wings, overall just being free. There was also a set of stairs that led down a rocky beach. We went down because my mom wanted to look for agates but while we were down there, we took note of the super smooth rocks. I'm talking billiard ball smooth rocks. While we walked on the rocky beach, my dad pointed out the sound of the rocks as we walked on them. The sound was really cool, sorry I can't describe it.

The next day we went to Newport Beach, mostly to get the most amazing chocolate that you could ever have (unless you've been to Germany and Belgium). But while we were there we heard some seals barking so we went to check them out. They were occupying some docks that were laying in the water. One of the seals (it looked like) was nuzzling the back of another. It was the cutest thing I saw (other than my girlfriend) to date.

The next day after that we went to Tillamook, (we always go there when we're in town). My mom wanted a picture of me in this VW bus that had been cut in half and had the Tillamook logo. I was a little embarrassed but I had to indulge my mother. But the whole reason went to Tillamook was to have some ice cream, fresh ice cream. I had my usual favorite vanilla ice cream on a waffle cone. I don't care what you say, vanilla is delicious.

Overall the trip was great I had a relaxing time and I enjoyed it and I never really had any paranoid attacks while we were there.

That's it for today's post, I hope you enjoyed and as usual, stay beautiful

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