Sunday, March 08, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Here I am in Seattle sitting at my floor to ceiling windows as I type this. It's a beautiful day in the city today. I'm here early because a very funny thing happened yesterday. While on the treadmill working out really hard I got a call from my mom and she was questioning why our hotel reservation was for Saturday night and not Sunday. I told her to track down the plane tickets and call me back. When she did she told me we were leaving at 7 and could I be ready by 5:30 to meet the plane? Needless to say I was off of the treadmill and in the shower and packing all within a short period of time.

Most of the day Thomas had been gone with friends and he came home just in time to see me off. We sat and talked and his anxiety was sky high about me leaving. I felt HORRIBLE and felt my own anxiety bubble up too. I didn't want to leave him. When it came time to go he sweetly carried my suitcase out to the car and I grabbed him and hugged him. I put my face next to his and I quietly told him how much I love him and that he was strong and that he would be okay while I was away. I told him I would text him a lot and that I'd be here if he called and needed support. By far that was the hardest goodbye I've had in a long time.

Since I arrived in Seattle I have texted him a few times and he says he's doing "okay". He works both tonight and tomorrow night (wouldn't it figure that his schedule would pick up the week I leave on a trip?) and he'll have to fight through some serious anxiety as he comes closer to each shift. Dan is home today with him so hopefully he won't be as anxious about work.

We'll see how things go as the days go by. I'll try to continue to write every morning if I can.
Have a good Sunday!

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