Friday, March 06, 2015

Friday's With Tom--The Man Who Stopped In The Dark To Pick Me Up

Hey guys, Tom here and welcome to my blog.

I haven't been saying it much and you guys might have noticed but I've been stable for a while. I've been asking for some more independence around my house and one of the ways I've gotten it is by walking to and from work. Well, that all has been changed slightly.

A few nights ago I had been working hard at my place of business, a slow one at that (we were having a transitional period between the Christmas and spring/summer sales). Finally the time had come for me to clock out and head home. During my walk I felt pretty achieved after having a good work day. It was cold too but my core body temperature allows me to get away with 40 degree weather. Halfway through my walk I started having a paranoid thought (don't remember but I think it was like the government snatching me up from the streets) and this car pulls up next to me.

Immediately my mind takes me to the dark place in my mind. I thought I was going to be kidnapped. I thought about running but something was keeping me from running (don't know what, but I didn't). The passenger-side window rolled down and the driver asked,

“Hey buddy, do you need a ride?”

For a moment there was some relief, it wasn't someone from the government, it was some random dude asking if I needed a ride. Again I felt relieved but then the little kid in me yelled,

“Stranger danger!”

And I started to get anxious. I told him “no thanks” and continued walking. He pulled up again and asks,

“Are you sure?”

And I said “no thanks” again. Thankfully that's where it ends. He says “ok” and drives away.
For the rest of the way home I kept looking over my shoulder thinking he was going to come again and take me away to some god-awful place.

This has scared me for a good long time, to the point where I don't feel confident walking home in the dark anymore. Don't get me wrong, I can still walk TO work (it’s still bright out by the time I start walking to work). But the way back home has made me scared for probably a good time. Eventually I'll start walking home after work again but I don't know when I will.

Well that's it for today's “Friday's with Tom” as always, stay beautiful.

(From Melanie: Thomas just got these glasses on Wednesday. He wanted you all to see him in them. He's very proud of them)

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