Friday, February 27, 2015

Okay, Well, Never Mind

I posted this picture with my blog post this morning because it was a bit reminiscent of Thomas's therapy yesterday. After all of my worry about his chest pressure and all that he had said to me about how it bothers him, I sat in therapy for part of it yesterday while he was being questioned about it by Dr. K.. Dr. K. asked him lots of questions about it like how much it hurts, how long it's been there and how much it bothers him. It was that last question that threw me as I heard Thomas answer that on a scale of one to ten it bothers him about a zero or a one.


Well, that's not what he had told me previously but I guess we're going to go with that for now and I guess that means I can relax about it. I sat there kind of shocked because when we were in his doctor's appointment he talked more about how it felt and how it bothered him after an exchange like in the picture below.

It does make me wonder what's going on here. He often has trouble with his memory and more often than not he does turn to me to explain to a doctor what he's been feeling and what's wrong so I'm kind of used to it all. In yesterday's case though, everything I had been told was just about the opposite of what he told Dr. K. pressure isn't that bad. That's good. Whether or not it's a hallucination I suppose doesn't really matter at this point because it's not something pressing to worry about. Sometimes one must just leave the symptoms alone and move on to more important things. I do know for sure now that he still does not believe it's evil occupying his body so that's good. I'd hate for him to pick that back up again.

I was excused from therapy early which was just fine with me since clearly my services were not needed. I do know, though, that they didn't work on his cognitive symptoms so there isn't much to report on remedies for that. I know some of you are wanting to learn new ways to cope with those difficulties so it is my hope that Thomas and Dr. K. will get back to work on those things next time.

Other than all of this, I will open the floor up to Thomas at 9 a.m. PST for his Friday's With Tom. He's going to talk about something that I had already mentioned but I always like it when he shares things from his point of view. I believe you all like hearing that from him and as such, in this case, I'll leave him to tell his story about how he experienced a schizophrenic thought last week.

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