Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday's With Tom--Solutions For My Cognitive Deficits

Hello guys and gals, Tom here, and welcome to my blog.

Last week I talked about how I have cognitive deficits. Well today we're going to expand on my cognitive deficits and the solutions we're coming up with (“we” meaning my therapist, mother, and I) that will help solve the problem.

 Today in therapy I learned about a new type of deficit that challenges me. It’s called “working memory.” Working memory is short term memory. There are three types of working memory according to

They are:

       1. Central Executive which drives the whole system and allocates data to the subsystem and also deals with cognitive tasks such as problem solving.

       2. Visuo-Spacial which stores and processes information in a visual or spacial form.

       3. Phonological Loop which is the part of the working memory that deals with spoken and written material. The Phonological Loop is made of two parts:

·         Phonological (inner ear) is linked to speech perception and holds information in speech-based form for about one to two seconds.

·         Articulatory Control Process (inner voice) that is used to rehearse and store verbal information.

To further analyze my thought process, my therapist gave me a problem to solve. You know the one with the fox, chicken, and bird seed problem where you have to get the three across a river without one eating the other? Yeah, that one. I didn't do so hot on that. But then again I don't expect everyone to finish the problem. I remember in high school being asked this puzzle by a teacher and about 80% of the class didn't get the puzzle correctly.

After that my therapist gave me two solutions to the working memory problem thing that I have:

Turning tasks into memorable acronyms or repeating aloud the steps then saying them in my head. I jumped at the acronym solution because I've already been making acronyms since 9th grade.

Well this post sure was a lot lengthier than normal. Anyway, that's it for today's post, hope you have a good weekend and remember, stay beautiful.

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