Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday's With Tom--My Train Club Meeting...Getting Social

Hi guys, Tom here and welcome to my blog.

A while ago me and my therapist were throwing around ideas as to what I should do to become more social since I'm doing better. We came up with a few ideas and one of them was joining the local model train club. When we came up with the idea I was excited.

When I was younger I loved model trains. I went as far as to save tons of money just to buy model trains and tracks that I would set up in the basement and watch them go around the track hundreds of times.

The meeting was held at the local veteran's home so my mom drove me there and I went in alone feeling excited. Though when I talked to the nurses, asking where the train club was, I felt a little stupid. I am in my 20's and I'm asking where a model train club is. When I got no legitimate answer from the nurses I turned around and went back to the front of the veteran's home and called my mom asking her to come home. However, she suggested that I call one of the club leaders and ask where the location was. I was a little reluctant but eventually I said, “okay” and she gave me the number of the club leader's cell phone.

After getting the number I called the club leader and he helped me find the place of the meeting. Turns out it was within a short walking distance of the second nurse I talked to. As I entered I still had that stupid feeling but when I walked in I saw a man about 2 or 3 years older than me I felt a little less stupid. “Oh good I'm not alone.” I said to myself. Everyone else there was well into their 50's or 60's so I felt a little out of place but they were nice and I slowly felt more at home.

The meeting went on for about an hour and thirty minutes and the club leader announced that they had a new member, me. He asked me to introduce myself and what scale of model train I had. When he asked for me to speak I had an anxiety level of about 9 out of 10, I was really scared. However I told myself that I could power through it and that these men were of same interest. I said my name and the scale of train that I had (HO by the way) and everyone said “welcome.”

After that we all went home and I felt proud. I made some new friends and I powered through some anxiety and shyness that night.

Well that's it for today's blog. Have a good rest of your day and as always, stay beautiful.

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