Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Thomas's World News

It was brought to my attention yesterday by a blog member that lives in the next town over from me that perhaps the newly cloudy weather here might have to do with Thomas's down mood. I asked him about it and he said "maybe" that could be it. He's just seems to be kind of lost. He did work last night and stayed his entire shift so that's great! He has a new manager at work that he loves so it helps to have him around. The manager is very complimentary of Thomas's work and I think that feedback makes all the difference for him.

As for his "energy", restless feeling lately, I posted an article yesterday about akathisia and after reading it I have to wonder if that is what Thomas is dealing with. The article did say that it could be a sign of psychosis also which makes me wonder a little bit. It also said that oftentimes it is under reported and that people just live with it so no one knows that they're struggling. I know Thomas does report it but I still wonder about the psychosis element.

Thomas follows many news agencies on Twitter and appears to rely on them for information about the world. I often worry because he follows news agencies that I think don't report the news accurately. Once such outlet always has nasty things to say about America and Thomas sometimes seems to take that as gospel, often coming to me and telling me what they said. I always ask him what OUR news reports and if he listens to them at all and he always seems to shrug my question off which makes me think he puts more credence in these foreign news services.

Then yesterday he called me in to listen to him read me a tweet from the BBC. Now, I have no problems with the BBC at all, in fact it's a news source I trust but what they tweeted was the "CNN already has coverage or a story or something ready for the apocalypse." Whether or not that's true, and I really seriously have to wonder if it is, the fact that he shared that particular tweet with me concerned me. With all of his talk, now, about Revelations from the Bible, it worries me that he's attached to these sorts of stories now. Interestingly what's different about him worrying about the apocalypse now as opposed to 2 years ago is that now he almost seems excited about it whereas years ago he was afraid of dying. The excitement concerns me because that particular event doesn't seem to me to be something to be excited about. Perhaps that's just me. Maybe, now, he's feeling like he'd survive it, that he would be one of the chosen ones to either go to heaven or survive the apocalypse but I can't say for sure. If I let my brain wander into his world I would say that being excited about it meant, somehow, that the end of the world would bode well for me. Who's to say though. It's not exactly a conversation I want to have with him right now because I'm not on board with encouraging this new interest at all. If I felt that he was going to read the Bible and turn to other reputable sources for his information if he begins to write about this, I would feel better but his delusional mind doesn't usually do that. He seems to always pick the most outrageous point in history or historical figure to follow so I don't see how that's going to change any with this new interest in the apocalypse. I'll keep an eye on him though and I have already asked him if he'll let me read his stories he writes and he agreed to let me do that so at least I'll get to keep tabs on his thinking.

So, this whole report from the BBC about CNN and the apocalypse was a bit disconcerting for me. I really wish he'd follow people on Twitter that are, perhaps, a little less controversial along with all of the news agencies. In a perfect world he would be in college taking classes that cover many areas of study where he would be forced, in a way, to learn in a more well-rounded way. Perhaps someday he'll be well enough to do that. We'll see.

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