Friday, January 30, 2015

Good News, Big Changes

Yesterday was a big day for us in that we traveled all over creation to see doctors. Thomas had both a meds appointment with Dr. N. in another town far from our home and I had my own appointment with my own psychiatrist and then Thomas had therapy. I think I will cover my own appointment in another post because I think what I learned would be relevant even though it is bipolar I deal with and not schizophrenia. There are lessons to be learned from my journey too.

Thomas's meds appointment went well. Really well. Dr. N. kept asking if I had anything to say or anything to report and I couldn't come up with one single solitary thing. I mostly just sat there smiling like a proud mama with her "successful" son feeling for the first time in a long time like Thomas and I may ACTUALLY BE ON OUR FEET as far as his illness goes. Dr. N. reiterated that he will not be touching Thomas's meds for another 4-5 months and I was happy about that because I don't want to interrupt this stability phase with any nonsense of jockeying meds around. I also inquired about Thomas's blood tests that he has to get every two weeks to check for white cells counts for his clozaril and I asked if we could switch to once a month. Dr. N. looked through his computer and discovered that Thomas had had good counts for more than 6 months so that means now we can go to once a month blood tests. Thank God! I feel so bad every time Thomas has to get stuck with a needle but that kid handles is like a champ. He's gotten used to it.

Then I did it. The question I had been wanting to ask for a few weeks now but didn't feel ready to. Yesterday was the day, though, so I asked Dr. N.,

"Do you think we should switch over to once a month meetings instead of once every two weeks?"

Once. A. Month.

Do you know how long it's been since we've been able to go a whole month without checking in with a psychiatrist? To me this was a momentous occasion and Dr. N. agreed we could switch but made sure that we understood he was here if anything changed and that he'd get us right in if anything did.

So Thomas and I left Dr. N.'s in a great mood. I'm not sure that Thomas fully understands the gravity of what had taken place in that appointment but that was okay. I knew what a wonderful meeting it had been and that was enough.

Now, as I type this, I realize that this post could get way too long if I try to cover what happened in regular therapy so I'll leave that for tomorrow. It was an "interesting" session and at the same time a good one so I'll have to share that with you later. There are new things on the horizon for Thomas both mentally and physically so even with stability there will still be sometimes monumental bridges to cross. It's never really over once the delusions and hallucinations go away. There is residual cleanup but with Thomas being stable I'm hoping that it'll be a little easier to do.

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