Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday's With Tom--My Auditory Hallucinations

Hello guys, Tom here and welcome to my blog.

A while ago I heard voices in my head. Many of you know that the one voice I did hear was running commentary that was in my head commentating everything I did. For example, I would get ready to sit down and the running commentary voice would say “You are going to sit down.” That was one of the voices I heard.

One thing I also heard was the cliché blood curdling scream of a woman. You know the one from horror movies? Yeah that one. It woke me up at night when I heard it.

The last thing I heard wasn't really a voice but a noise that made me beyond scared. That would be static. “Scared of static?” well I used to believe that a fictional creepy pasta character named Slender Man was after me and the static was his way of showing that he was coming for me. That made me scared to the point that I had to be hospitalized at I think one in the morning and left me in the hospital for about a week if I remember correctly.

Now-a-days I no longer hear the blood curdling scream nor the static and the running commentary has gone away. I had to learn to ignore the running commentary and the screaming went away on its own and I had to be desensitized to the static while I was in the hospital.

Without the commentary it’s been really quiet up there. My thoughts are free to roam around without something being louder than them. I don't really miss that commentary anymore. There was a time when I did but I grew to be perfectly fine without it.

Well that's it for today's post, as always, stay beautiful.

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