Friday, January 09, 2015

Friday's With Tom--Challenging myself and advice for caregivers

Hi guys, Tom here, and welcome to my blog.

Believe it or not, there are times when I have a hard time with anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I usually have anxiety around the time I have to go to work. So I had written on a 3x5 card phrases I can say to myself. They are: “I've never been late to work, my anxiety always goes away, I am stronger than my anxiety.” These phrases help a lot with my anxiety so I recite them every time I get ready for work.

With intrusive thoughts however, I challenge the thought, for example; I have a thought that someone is going to steal my wallet from my back pocket during work. Well I say to myself, “I never been pick-pocketed and I won't in this small store.”

Now this next thing goes out to the caregivers of those that have schizophrenia, if they are willing to talk, have your loved one explain something that he/she has experienced and if it’s something like hearing voices or seeing something, explain to them how it is not real and help them learn to distinguish between real thoughts and what aren't real.

Well that's it for today, hope you guys enjoyed, as always; stay beautiful.

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