Friday, January 02, 2015

A New Year. 2015.

It is here. A new year. A chance to start over so-to-speak. Since 2012 when my dad had his stroke each new year came and I hated it from the moment it turned midnight, the beginning of January 1st of the next year. My life and that of my family's had been rough for so long. My dad had his stroke and eventually passed away, my mother-in-law had serious health issues that I tried to manage along with my dad's and then Thomas was almost constantly sick. The pain never seemed to end. But now, my dad is gone 10 months now and Thomas is doing pretty decently and it is the beginning of a new year and this year I don't hate so much at the start of it. Actually, I have hope. And excitement. Life just can't be difficult forever. It just can't.

So I began my year by making new plans for educating people about schizophrenia and about being a caregiver. I already have fledgling plans for a viral campaign (I'm shooting for "Ice Bucket Challenge" caliber) to educate and raise money for research on schizophrenia and I have made a commitment to pay closer attention to my Twitter account (find me there as @UnderstandingSZ) and I am already learning so much about schizophrenia, the research out there, the personal stories, the information about it etc. I am trying to get more of a presence on Twitter so that I can build a bigger following of wonderful people who share same or similar journey's or who are here to seriously learn about schizophrenia and how it affects people's lives. I am making "resolutions" (let's call them commitments) to make more changes in our world of schizophrenia and what's beautiful about that is that my past resolutions related to schizophrenia education have come to fruition even when the others (weight loss, exercise more etc.) have fallen away within days of making them. I feel so excited about the future, for 2015, and I am so happy you are all here to see it happen and maybe even help out--especially with the viral campaign once I get it moving.

So much has changed in the past year. 2014 on my blog brought me 3000+ followers who engage in the conversation and who offer help to each other and to me and Thomas. You have supported my campaigns by 'liking' and sharing things that I post thereby making my presence even bigger in the world. We have all seen Thomas begin to come out of his shell and write his Friday posts sharing, just as I do, his whole heart, fearlessly, and you have all been an AMAZING support to him teaching him that he is supported and loved and encouraged by others to share his story. I wasn't sure how he'd take to writing a post at first but now, after a tiny reminder that Friday is coming and asking him if he needs help coming up with something to write, he has immediately sat down and written his post and given it to me to send out to all of you, all of this with excitement and anticipation of what you all will say.

2015 is a year of hope here in the Jimenez/Emery (Melanie/Thomas) household and I intend to make this a big year. They say that if you believe in something, even in the impossible, that as long as you believe in it and work towards it, it will happen for you and I have seen that happen for myself in spades after committing to start this blog in the first place. It's amazing how a seed of faith in yourself can take root and blossom into something meaningful and fulfilling. I tell you this because this isn't exclusive to me, this is something that is true for all of you too. You just need to decide to make the changes, commit to them and nurture them and you will see them come to life in your life.

So, today's post is a hopeful one, an excited one, a commitment. You all have helped create this forum and for 2015 I hope you will continue to be a part of it and help out in any way you can.

Apart from all of the above, I have hope for all of you and for your lives this year. It's not going to be easy, in fact it'll bring you to your knees sometimes, but anything is possible. You can get stronger, your loved one can go into "remission", they can make the decision to go back on their meds or quick drinking and taking drugs, you can recommit to your loved one (sometimes over and over again) to make sure they are safe and cared for and when all else fails you can still hold onto hope, that little pinprick of light in the darkness.

Don't hate this year before it's really begun. There are many many more days and weeks and months for things to change. Don't let right now, the hardships and heartaches, decide your entire year for you. Please, take my lead and hang onto hope. It's all we've got when all is said and done.

Happy 2015 everyone!! Let's see what it brings.

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