Friday, December 19, 2014

My Feelings As A Mom (A Few Thoughts On Today's "Friday's With Tom")

I sit here having just put Thomas's submission for his blog post today on my computer and I am shedding tears of....sadness...awe about my son and the awareness he has about his life...grief that he has this for that wonderful, gentle, AMAZING soul that he has. What he has written, in my opinion, is beautiful and if I know you guys like I think I do, I think you will find it touching also. With this post I can already read inside my head your responses to his post and I want to thank you in advance for your wonderful support.

I began and continued this blog always writing from my heart and with honesty. I have been told numerous times to NEVER do it any other way than that and my response has always been that I can only be who I am and that is open and honest and forthright. I don't want to hide from anyone the things that Thomas and I go through because I know that you all go through the same or similar things. None of us are alone in this boat--even if it feels like it sometimes.

What I have been blessed with recently, however, is my son by my side on this blog whose writing style is just like mine. I never instructed him how to write. I never told him to do one thing or another. Each post of his comes from his heart just like mine come from mine and I think that Thomas is simply beautiful for opening himself up like he does and writing so candidly.

So, today at 9 a.m. PST I post Thomas's contribution for today and I do it with pride for his strength, his candidness and his heart. I learned from him today by reading his post some things that I didn't know he felt so my getting to know my son happens just as you get to do the same.

Thank you all for your support of me and most importantly of Thomas. You have given him a safe place to express himself and because of that he is giving you nothing less than everything he has inside of him.

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