Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday's With Tom--What It Means To Me To Have Schizophrenia

Hey guys, Tom here and as usual, welcome to my blog. Today's topic goes all the way back to when I was first diagnosed with schizophrenia.

What it means to me to have schizophrenia.

Well it means a lot of things to me. For one, I'm not what the modern definition means of normal (then again, none of us are really normal). I guess that's the biggest thing to me is that I'm not normal but I've embraced that since I was in junior high, back around the time while we're trying to discover who we are.

Looking at my future my biggest thing is that I will probably have children who won't be normal either, I'll probably be in my mother's shoes, driving my child to therapy, trying to reassure him that being different is ok (though with how things are going with the generation beneath me, people being abnormal might be a good thing. I'm talking to you dubstep generation). I guess that's the biggest thing to me. My kids not being what I originally thought they would be, normal. I'm slowly starting to understand and embrace that no matter how hard I think about it, my children won't be normal. Now I'm not saying that being abnormal is a bad thing, I just didn't want to go through the same trouble that my mother has, but I have to accept that.

Well, that's enough for today, I'm Tom, and you all stay beautiful.

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