Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday's With Tom--R.E.D.

Hi guys, Tom here, and welcome to my blog. Today I'm going to talk about R.E.D. No not the color, the acronym.


R.E.D. was an acronym my therapist, Dr. K, came up with to help me when I had an anxiety moment.


The “R” in R.E.D. stands for “Reassurance”. Most of my fits of anxiety are centered around my mom being out of the house on days that I work. So I use “Reassurance” to help calm me down. An example of how I would use “Reassurance” is saying something to myself like, “My mom will come home, she has never made me late for work.”


The “E” in R.E.D. stands for “Exercise.” This one is kind of self-explanatory. “Exercise” is doing some form of physical activity to help calm me down during an anxiety moment. Now to be honest, I've never needed to do “Exercise” because I usually use “Reassurance” and the final letter in R.E.D. “D,” “Distraction.”


I've used “Distraction” on multiple occasions to shift my attention away from the anxiety inducing thought to whatever I'm doing. Because I play a lot of video games, my attention is always redirected towards the game rather than the anxiety thought. Now another “Distraction” that I use is watching TV or watching a movie.


The acronym R.E.D. has helped me on multiple occasions and maybe it might help you or your loved one lower the anxiety that you or they feel.

As always, stay beautiful.

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