Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday's With Tom--My Meds

Hey everyone, Tom here and welcome to my blog.

Today I'll be talking about my meds and how they hurt/help.

First off, I don't mind taking my meds.

Second, my meds help me a lot for my anxiety. I used to have a lot of anxiety before I left for work but now with my Buspar (Buspirone)I don't have much anxiety before work.

My meds also work with my paranoia about the government. I hardly ever think that the government is watching me because of my political affiliation. However, my meds make me extremely sleepy when I'm not moving at a constant rate (i.e. walking).

I also never thought about stopping my meds because I know that my meds are what is keeping me sane. I guess that is also what motivates me to stay on my meds is because I know that they keep me sane.

Well that's it for today's blog, hope you guys had a great Christmas and I'll talk to you later, stay beautiful.

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