Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday's With Tom--Moving Out

Howdy folks, its Tom and this is my blog so lets get to it.

Today I'm talking about moving out. That's right, I'm leaving the nest. Well, not yet. I have a few things to say, concerns and questions.

One of my main plans is to apply for ...section 8 or find a place where the rent is low. So far I've done one; find a place with low rent. The only problem is that it’s a long way from home so if I have some trouble it'll be a long way from me. I considered moving with a friend but I don't know if he's still wanting to or not. There is another friend that I can think of that might want to move in with me but I haven't asked him yet. There is a house literally 100ft away from my parent's house so that's an option.

I guess the biggest upside to moving out is it would give me some experience in independence in the real-world.

One of my biggest anxieties/worries is being able to keep myself fed and clothed and basic stuff too keep me up with the Jones'.

Well that's it for today's post guys, as usual, stay beautiful.

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