Friday, December 26, 2014

A Christmas Story

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of Thomas with you from yesterday (Christmas Day). He was all smiles as he opened his gifts. As you can see, he got 3 Gundam models which are his favorite thing.
If I haven't already explained Gundam's, they come from a Japanese Anime series and they are these plastic models with the instructions written all in Japanese and somehow Thomas is able to put the models together. They are his saving grace also because he says they help him deal with his schizophrenia by keeping his mind occupied and away from his symptoms. I figure he has enough now to keep him occupied for well over a week.

The other picture I put in here is a funny photo to make you laugh as I think he was so cute putting on the goggles and posing for the picture.
The goggles are to wear when he is playing in Airsoft BB gun wars. He says they were his favorite gift. Also pictured is a bag for carrying his gun out in public which thrills me no end because I didn't like that he left the house with that gun for all the world to see and possibly get him in trouble for having. He is now decked out from head to toe for Airsoft wars and as his mom I am now happy he is protected physically from the BB's themselves.

He worked Christmas Eve and unfortunately it didn't go well. He started work at 5 and by 6:50pm I got a text from him asking to come home because he didn't feel well. I thought at first it was the Mexican food we had for lunch but when he got in the car and I questioned him about the nausea, it turned out that it was caused by an extremely high level of anxiety. He said that "groups of people around him" were making him scared and he just couldn't be there anymore. I felt terrible for him.

I did ask him if he had been worried that someone in the crowd was going to hurt him, an old theme of his when he's been sick in the past, and he said no and that he didn't know why they bothered him. While it's sad that he was worried about the crowds I am pleased that he wasn't attributing it to some delusion like that there were government agents in the crowd trying to kill him. That is how it's been in the past.

Recovery from the anxiety took a long time even after he was home safe in his room so I don't like that it stuck with him so long. He did end up taking a lorazepam for it and within 45 minutes of taking it was back to his old self. I am thankful that he doesn't work today with all of the crowds coming in for the after Christmas sales. I don't think he could handle that.

Now, I know today is Friday's With Tom and I happen to know that he hasn't written anything yet. He will want to once he wakes up so it'll be into the afternoon before he posts something. He already has a picture from yesterday picked out to go with it. So, be sure to be looking out for his post later today. I wait, just as you do, to read what he writes.

I hope you all had a good day yesterday as much as was possible. We spent the morning at our house with my mom watching Thomas open presents and we ate our traditional quiche and donuts with coffee and then later went over to my mom's for prime rib dinner and hanging out. This was our family's first Christmas without my dad so it had some rough moments but all in all it went well.

It won't be long until the new year begins! I look forward to what it brings.

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