Thursday, November 20, 2014

We Must Thank Stacy

Stacy is a tall, young, African American young man who must have been sent from God to manage the store Thomas works in. He is truly a wonderful young man and I hope to someday go into the store and thank him for the kindness he has shown my son. You see, Thomas still has depression about going to work, before work even starts, and on the nights that Stacy works, all of that disappears never to be found again, at least until the next time he works. Last night illustrated that more than it ever has.

Thomas worked at 5 and the day seemed like an average, every day. Until about 2 p.m. rolled around and Thomas came out of his room and seemed to be loitering in the kitchen. I was trying to take a nap in the living room but I was curious what he was doing in there. I am very worried that his penchant for sugary food is becoming something to be worried about. It's all he eats if left to his own devices. So, I listened to what he might be getting into. When he came into the living room and saw that I was awake he told me that he had just taken a lorazepam. He was anxious about work.

This poor kid. I wish I had magic powers so I could take away the unreasonable, unfair anxiety that he has about being late for work. It has zero basis in reality. He has never ever been late to work, I have never failed to make sure he gets there on time since I am the driver and I am always sure his dinner is ready for him so he has plenty of time to eat it. None of that works though. So yesterday, like I do every time he's anxious, I gave him a big hug and I reminded him that I have never failed him, that I have always done what he needed me to do to get him to work on time, including getting in the car with plenty of time to make the lights and deliver him safely for work. Like most nights, he was unconvinced.

I wish he trusted me more with this.

I got him to work with plenty of time before he had to clock in and I drove home half expecting to get a call an hour into his shift asking to come home early.

The call never came.

Instead, at 9:48pm I left my house to go and pick him up. I waited in the lot and watched inside the store hoping to get a glance at Stacy to see if he had been there tonight. Then, there he was, my knight in shining armor of a different kind. My son's savior from the stressors at work. He left the store with Thomas and they walked out to their cars. As Thomas got in the car I could feel the light emanating from him. Before I could even ask, he said to me,

"I had a good night tonight. Stacy was there."

Ah Stacy. The best manager in the world. The ONLY manager that has ever complimented Thomas on his work, told him he was doing a good job. He's consistent with his praise and he makes life at work, for Thomas, bearable. I already love him to death.

So all of the kitchen loitering trying to dispense a lorazepam for himself, all of the anxiety about being on time to work. all of the empty (to him) hugs from me, all of it was gone and sitting next to me in the car last night was your average young man, having just worked a 5 hour shift and sharing stories about his night including the snack he ate, a giant SUGAR cookie decorated like Santa.

This sugar overload he's consuming now worries me. I'll check with the doctor about that. In the meantime, I am so happy because my son is happy right now about work.

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