Friday, November 07, 2014

Thomas's Story

I know I said something about this yesterday but now I am putting out a formal call for opinions and suggestions.

On our walk yesterday Thomas told me that he wanted something to do. He wants purpose. I rattled off a bunch of choices from volunteering at the Veteran's Home to working at the food bank to helping me with projects related to all of my work I am doing for schizophrenia education. He seemed to jump on helping with the schizophrenia stuff so I laid out all of the projects in the works. Then I suggested he be a guest blogger on this page, perhaps once a week, where he could tell his story in whatever way he wanted to. He was uncertain about this because he says he doesn't know what he would write and I gave him a few suggestions including not only telling his story but also submitting artwork he has done or showing off models he has built. I'd really love to see him contribute a written post once a week talking about his life and how he's coping.

Now, here is where you come in. I read him everybody's birthday messages to him in order to give him encouragement and show him that he's very loved and supported on this page by many of my followers and they appeared to make him very happy even going so far as to request to see the pictures you all posted for him. He was also surprised at the 737 'likes' he got for his birthday message so I think now he has an idea about how much you all care.

Here is what I need from you now. What kinds of things would you like to hear from Thomas? What do you think he should write about? Be specific. For example, "how does he cope with his fears of being followed?" or "What do you like to do in your spare time?" or maybe even, "What is one thing that you do for yourself to take care of yourself in difficult times?"

I am putting this in your hands now. I will have him read this when all is said and done and read your responses and questions and the hope is that he'll find his way past his anxiety about his writing skills and uncertainty to a place where he'd feel like he's helping so many others in same or similar situations. I hope you guys can come up with all kinds of ideas so that he's got something to build off of.

So, the floor is open. Please post your questions and ideas in the comments section below and give him lots of encouragement. I believe in him and his gifts of writing and artwork and I believe he has a heart of gold that would open up if he feels supported.

Thank you everyone! Let's see what we can do to help!

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