Friday, November 14, 2014

Thomas's First Post--"Friday's With Tom"

Hey you lovely people it is I, Tom Emery and today is my first blog post here on this blog/website I would like to introduce myself. Well for starters, you know my name, Tom Emery. I sit here watching videos thinking of what to write next. I guess I could talk about what I do for entertainment. I watch a LOT of YouTube videos. Mostly video game reviews, playthroughs and commentary. The best YouTube channels I watch are primarily Minecraft based. For those who have kids who play Minecraft, you know what it is. If not I'll tell you, it was a game created in Sweden (I believe) that became really popular around 2011 with their “Official” release (even though the game was public and for purchase since early 2009 [I believe]). What you do in Minecraft is simply survive the nights when monsters spawn (appear for those not game savvy) and defeat the Ender Dragon. Literally, a dragon. Its pretty easy to do if you know what you're doing. “What is Ender?” you might be asking? Well it was the creator's play on words of “Slender” because he based a character off the infamous “Slender Man.” Some of you may recall that I had a fear of Slender Man but I'm sure my mother told you that story already so I won't go into detail about it. But there is more to Minecraft than just surviving the nights and killing dragons. A LOT of people use it to build large structures and environments. For those who play Minecraft know a few people on the web who create large structures such as cathedrals, landmarks, puzzle games, and adventure maps. Its a really fun game and if you are really creative and/or you want a position in architecture, Minecraft will help you with buildings (even though there isn't gravity/physics so don't build a structure that doesn't have any real support however there are mods for that). Back to the YouTube part, Here are some channels that you could check-out:






What else do I watch? I watch commentators play World of Tanks, a game that pits you against 15 enemy players with 14 allies and you fight to either destroy all enemy tanks or capture their flag. The tanks you can play as are based around the end of WWI to the end of the Vietnam War. There are currently six countries that you can choose tanks from: America, Britain, France, Germany, Soviet Union, and China. And there are five classes of tanks to choose from: light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, tank destroyer, and artillery. There are 10 tiers of tanks to choose from. Tier 1 tanks are tanks from the end of WWI all the way to Tier 10 which are tanks that were made after the Vietnam War. If you want to check it out its free-to-play at its really fun and I highly recommend it if you're looking for some fun (P.S. A lot of immature children play [immature meaning kids that call each other names] so be careful and don't get discouraged). If you want to watch some videos of people who play World of Tanks, check out these YouTube channels:


The Mighty Jingles-



Well I think I'll call it a day, thanks for reading guys! Stay beautiful.

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