Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Talisman's Power

I have got to say from my perspective (I'd love for Thomas to write about this himself though) that it seems like the tiger eye talisman is working for Thomas. I've checked in with him a couple times and he says that it's working some but I see an even bigger picture. I think a lot goes into the shift in Thomas that I have seen in the past few days. He's much brighter though he did isolate himself a good deal of the day yesterday. It hit me last night that what might be brightening him up besides the talisman is the increase in Cymbalta and the dropping off of the Wellbutrin. I've got to be honest, I was a HUGE critic of the Wellbutrin being removed especially if it's because we were blaming paranoia on it. Thomas has been on it for years and has waxed and waned on it paranoia wise so I never really thought to blame it (it was a starting dose, it never got above the lowest possible dose). But he seems to have sailed through the removal of it and the Cymbalta seems to have picked up. It is proof, though, that Thomas was truly depressed, not just situationally depressed like before work most nights when he worked.

Coupled with that has been the existence of the talisman ever since Thomas admitted to feeling like something evil lives inside of him. I have noticed that Thomas doesn't go ANYWHERE without it on. Last night after dark he asked me if he could go to the little mom and pop store by our house and buy a soda for his popcorn that he was going to have after dinner. When I said yes, he was off to his room and I heard the familiar clinking of the stone on the medical alert dog tag being put on. After that, he left to the store. Let's notice one thing here and that is the 1 block walk in the dark. It's further than he's been in the dark alone in ages. He went, though, and I am so proud and excited for him.

So who's to say if it's truly working or if it's the Cymbalta or if it's both things but I am glad that things have improved. I think this is a perfect example of the power of suggestion. Then again, and dare I utter this (?), perhaps there might have been something negative, something malevolent attached to Thomas and it's been "scared off" for now. I know, I know, let's not buy into the whole demon possession and mental illness thing. I still do not believe that schizophrenia is demon fed, not in the least, but there's a part of me that does believe that there is negative energy (as well as positive) around all of us and if the folks who believe in crystals and rocks as healers are right then that tiger eye is most certainly doing it's job.

The true test will come today at his appointment with Dr. N.. I really wish I could sit in on the whole thing and hear all that Thomas has to say. IF Dr. N. even read my email then he does have a heads up about the evil and the talisman so he'll be able to ask some pointed questions. It is the answers to those questions that I am most curious about. I still haven't heard more than a short email from Dr. K. saying he was going to employ his usual therapy for Thomas. I wonder what he truly thinks of me having bought Thomas the talisman and how much will he buy into the fact that it seems to be working? So many unknowns and perhaps I'll get my answers today.

Either way, Cymbalta or talisman, or both, Thomas is brighter, shinier, happier than he's been in the weeks prior. He's even seeming to enjoy work more thanks to his new manager that thanks him constantly for his good work. We're in an upswing now. Hold on tight to it, I tell myself, because it can change on a dime.

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