Sunday, November 09, 2014



GuesWhat, GuessWhat, GuessWhat...

Thomas agreed yesterday, with a joy and excitement I haven't seen from him in a long time, to write a guest post once a week for a while. Your support and thoughtful questions and requests inspired him to want to write and he is fully willing to open up his life, with HIS words, for all of you. As his mom this is an amazing moment and an amazing gift as I can see that this could be really good for him once he sees that his writing and his gift of himself to you will heal him in ways I didn't think were possible for him. He will have a voice that he's never had before and I am exited myself to read what he writes but am even more excited for all of you to get to hear from him.

I want to, and all of you should too, thank my new friend Carrie S. for the way her love and support moved me yesterday. Having someone in flesh and blood show the kindness and strong support that she did for myself and for Thomas yesterday really opened my eyes to the difference I am making here with my blog. I knew that I touched a lot of you with what I write but to look into someone's eyes and see the manifestation of that in real life really brought home to me that the work I do here and the sharing of my life and Thomas's life that I do here actually, really makes a difference and I am HONORED to do what I do for all of you. Without you and your support and your love, I am just me, here in my small town, sitting at my computer, writing my heart but with you here in my life through your comments and 'likes' and shares, opens my world up in unimaginable ways and you inspire me to be more and do more with my efforts so that I can continue to change lives like you all have changed mine.

It is that same love and support that will now inspire Thomas and he and I both have nothing but gratitude for your presence here on my blog. I printed up all of your suggestions and questions for Thomas and I will, now, keep it forever as a symbol of your love for my boy. Almost as much as he is mine, he is now yours too and all I will ask now and continue to ask in the future is that you show him nothing less than you have already shown me with your support thus far in mine, and especially his, journey. He is to be protected at all costs and I will watch over him from my end and I am trusting you all will be the amazing people you have already been to me, to him.

His eyes are lit up, his spirit is brave and confident and he is already planning ahead for his posts with ideas lined up to fill many many Friday's for the foreseeable future. I am so excited about this, I can't tell you enough and I wait, by your side, to see what he comes up with to contribute to this place of education, stigma busting, enlightenment and acceptance. Give him time to grow into his new role as he becomes more and more confident in his writing style and his understanding of your support for him. I see a tiny sapling tree turning into a mighty oak over the months, and perhaps years, ahead.
This is a wonderous day here in the Jimenez/Thomas household. I am looking forward to the future here on my blog.

I love you all!


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