Monday, November 10, 2014

A Little Social Interaction

After having been completely isolated from friends for weeks now, on Saturday Thomas got a call from who I like to call "The Good Kids" and they invited him out to play airsoft b-b gun wars. I hadn't seen him this full of energy in a long time as he emerged from his shower breathless and asking for a quick breakfast because the guys would be there any minute. As he gathered all of his stuff, his gun, his vest, his eye protection and his hat (this time with a Transformers Decepticon patch attached to it) I made him a super power smoothie and felt nothing but joy that he was finally going out.

I call the kids "The Good Kids" because they come from good homes, they are good Christian kids, they don't drink or party and THEY LOVE THOMAS. There hasn't been a time that Thomas came back from an event with him that he wasn't happy. This is important. I'm not quite sure if they know he has schizophrenia though if they did, these are the kinds of kids who wouldn't care. Thomas is EXTREMELY BLESSED to have these guys in his life and in the bigger world containing those with schizophrenia, I know he is one of the lucky few that has friends to hang out with. Dr. Sanjay Gupta said in the last Twitter chat that only 37% of people living with schizophrenia have a social life and I immediately jumped on that tweet and told him that Thomas was one of the lucky few. Believe me, as his mom and as his caregiver I don't take that for granted.

It was just the other day that I was asking Thomas to seek out some friends and that was met with a quiet reply of "I've got things to do today. Maybe tomorrow" and I knew it wasn't going to happen. That's also why I love these kids because even though they lead busy lives, most of whom are in college now and most likely have flourishing social lives, they never seem to forget Thomas and they call him for every "war".

I was talking Thomas through some anxiety about blogging yesterday (he couldn't remember what he should write about) and I told him that you all would love to hear about his day with his friends from his perspective. Obviously I wasn't there so I don't know all that happened but I thought it would be great for him to share about what they did and hopefully about how he felt. I expect I'll sit by his side through a few of his posts to help give him bullet points of things to talk about. His brain is still pretty stuck in one or two places and expanding it to include and post about all aspects of his day is a tall order without some kind of prompting. I'm hoping with time his brain will loosen up and he'll be able to write freely on his own.

So today begins a new week for Thomas. Yesterday we took his picture for his first post and the rest of this week is first, for him to come up with what he wants to call it and then from there there are a lot of things to do. Tomorrow will be Dr. N. (who annoyingly never answered my email about Thomas's delusion about the demon) and we'll see what he does with meds. Thomas reports that the tiger eye is working so there may end up being no more changes in meds. Then on Thursday is Dr. K. and therapy. Last week Dr. K. cancelled due to illness so we haven't really gotten started on working on the delusion so hopefully that project will begin this week. We also have a call with Social Security about his income and some sort of determination concerning it and then Friday Thomas works. It's a full week but if all goes well it should be productive.

So, the story of "The Airsoft Wars" is Thomas's to tell so I'm sure you'll hear about that soon. He came home happy and to me, that is all that mattered.


  1. i wrote a comment and it did not post seeing if this will post now that i entered my google account

  2. Thanks you much for your thoughtful and supportive post ! I have felt that stigma in talking about it as well. But that's o.k. - knowledge is power. Also, I really, liked shooting and also like joined any type of shooting competition.Visit know about shooting competition.


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