Wednesday, October 08, 2014

#WMIAD14 and An Update on Thomas

Today is World Mental Illness Awareness Day. This is the day that the entire world pushes for awareness, and lucky for us, the focus of this day is on schizophrenia! We are so lucky! While I am doing my part with my page, there are counterparts of mine out on the web, like on Twitter, that are making a concerted effort to make the world aware about our illness too. This is an exciting day in the world of schizophrenia. Chances are, we will help many more people understand the facts, and as far as I am concerned, the TRUTH about schizophrenia and I have faith that many minds will be changed as a result. This is the kind of thing that fuels all of my work here--I WANT CHANGE, I WANT AWARENSS, I WANT UNDERSTANDING, I WANT A STOP TO THE STIGMA AROUND THIS ILLNESS. Hopefully between what the world is doing today and what I am doing today and this week with your help, is making a difference.

Now, as for Thomas, over all I will say he is doing good. I think we are having a good week which includes yet another shower yesterday. He has also gotten in the habit of walking with me every day and looks forward to it. I didn't think that would ever happen. Taking him away from his computer is a carnal sin (LOL) so getting him out for a half hour a day for a walk is a pretty big accomplishment in my book. I have really enjoyed these walks with him where we either talk the entire time or spend the whole walk in silence. He and I have a comfortable silence that I would never have thought possible. I think I feel like I am pressured to keep conversation going and he is fine with saying nothing. He is a man of few words after all.

Coming up in a few days we will be going on vacation to Seattle, Washington. We wanted a family vacation and I wanted to put it all in Thomas's hands and what he definitely didn't want to do is go back to the ocean. He wanted to go somewhere new. While we have been to Seattle before, it has been a long time and I knew it would be the change of pace that Thomas needs. There's nothing like the bright lights and hustling and bustling of a city to wake a person up and shake them out of their routine. I know that I preach routine for Thomas but to help him with all of that I have promised him I will take him to all of the places we went to last time and we will stay in the same hotel. He feels confident that he will love every minute of it. Of course only time will tell. We all need to get away so this will be good.

So, that's an update on life here in our house. I am keeping my eye on Thomas but right now have relaxed a little based on what I am seeing. Perhaps he just had a few rough days for whatever reason and perhaps this upswing is only temporary but I'll take any goodness I can get for him.

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