Monday, October 13, 2014

Were Here!

We made it to Seattle, WA! Thomas is still sleeping off his meds which makes me sad that he's missing a beautiful city morning but he had fun yesterday. This picture is of him and I on the Monorail. Doesn't he look... happy?

Previous to coming here Dan scouted out donut shops in the city online and this early morning he and I went for a walk and found one of them and bought Thomas his favorite--a maple bar and hot chocolate. When he wakes up he'll be so happy. He was really looking forward to a fresh donut in the city.

It is a gorgeous day here so we're headed for the Woodland Park Zoo. My sole reason for going is for Thomas who is dying to see the penguins. He also loves birds so I'm hoping there'll be a big aviary for him to enjoy them. When he was hospitalized last time he was incredibly miserable and I thought of buying him a bird for his homecoming but decided it might be too much for him as he tried to adjust to new meds and a new life. He has such a special connection with birds so I hope today at the zoo will solidify that.

I'm going to go enjoy my iced mocha and the incredible city view from my hotel room. I'll share more stories tomorrow.

Thomas is happy.

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