Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Up, Up, and Away!!!

It was hard to choose a picture to showcase for today but I chose this one because of where we were and what it says about Thomas.

For years I have tried to get him to ride rides at the fair but yesterday, with bravery, he insisted we ride the Big Seattle Ferris Wheel. This thing was several stories high and he got into it with excitement and a grin on his face. There were no white knuckles for him as we went up and over, sometimes dangling above the Puget Sound. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and I was very proud of him.

This trip has been a very healing journey for Thomas and included endless smiles and endless walking miles (which he did without complaint). We took a harbor cruise where Thomas stood at the front of the boat, wind in his hair, taking in the sights surrounding him. There was the Space Needle with its glass door elevator that he rode up without fear (I was the one with the white knuckles that time) and he wandered around the outside observation deck taking in the beautiful sights below us which included a beautiful rainbow.

There's no other way to put it as his mom but my boy was absolutely BEAUTIFUL this trip.

Then, last night, as we walked through the dark streets of the city to dinner, we came upon a man, raggedly dressed and talking to himself about God and how death is not the end and then some other random philosophical ramblings. I held my breath and quietly said, "there for the grace of God go I." And I linked arms with Thomas and I said to him, "that goes for you too kiddo" and I laid my head on his shoulder, hugged him close to my side and made him promise to always take his meds. I told him I never want to find him wandering the streets like that. He held me tight in return and promised me that he would.

All around, in every way possible, this trip changed our life. I learned that Thomas is far more resilient than me (I spent a lot of time on edge, anxious and frustrated courtesy of my low threshold for any kind of stress) and he was a champion of the most amazing kind and I will be forever changed by my amazing, brave, bright, thoughtful, strong, young man.

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