Sunday, October 05, 2014

Seeing The Light

Thomas has "seen the light" and is now showering every other day per our past agreement. He's doing it without complaining and without being asked to so that has lowered tensions between him and his dad and it has made me beyond happy.

He worked last night but I fell asleep before he came home so my husband, Dan, went and picked him up from work. Dan says that Thomas came away from work seemingly in a good mood so that makes me happy. I do wonder how his mood might have been if I had picked him up. I know when I pick him up he's usually more sullen and truthful about his night. Dan gets the perkier version of Thomas because Thomas knows that his dad is less interested in his struggles during work. That is okay though. I think, in a way, it's good practice for Thomas to try to embrace the good parts of his job.

When I got him to work last night they had set up all of the big inflatable Christmas characters and it is starting to look festive there. I pointed them out to Thomas and he seemed excited about it. It's really hard to know for sure how this holiday season will go after having had such a rough one last year. Honestly I am a bit scared that it's all going to go south since that seems to be the trend in the fall and winter since Thomas got sick but then again, he was never as well treated medically as he is right now and he does say his delusions are gone so we may be ahead of the curve this year.

I also often wonder what will take the place of his past delusions and paranoias. Without the government watching and tracking him (in his mind) then will there be something else that will get him? I hope that's not the case but I am getting prepared for what could transpire.

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