Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hangin' With The Birds

Yesterday turned out better than I could have ever expected. The zoo was so much fun and Thomas brought it to my attention that he'd never been to a zoo that he can remember. I took him once when he was about 2 but who remembers what they did when they were 2?

Right inside the gate was the penguin tank with virtually no one around it and Thomas was able to walk right up to the glass. When he got there, out of the water, right in front of him popped up a penguin. It made him smile. He had bought a new camera for the trip so I stood by as he was intent on taking tons of pictures.

We wandered many zones but the highlight became the many bird aviaries throughout the zoo. You would have thought we entered Wonderland each time we walked through the double doors of the aviaries. Once inside it was truly a magical sight as the birds seemed to take to Thomas without hesitation. Pictured here, Thomas bought some bird food, squatted down and these 2 birds came out of the water and walked right up to him and started gobbling food from the palm of his hand. He was in HEAVEN. The truth of the matter, so was I, seeing my boy's face so serene and happy.

This trip has been truly amazing and seemingly almost healing for Thomas and for the family too. Everything I have wanted for Thomas's happiness has come true on this trip. We still have today and tomorrow to fill with fun and today's plan is to go to the aquarium and take a harbor cruise. I expect more wonderment from my boy (my young man) today. I'll be taking pictures and will post a highlight one tomorrow morning.

We're off to start our day now!

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