Friday, September 05, 2014

My Services Are Not Needed

I had to laugh because Thomas's therapist Dr. K came out of his office yesterday and I could tell by his pause in the waiting room that he wasn't planning on inviting me in. I was fine with that. Thomas is doing well and I really have nothing to say. Then he asked if I had any updates and I started to tell him about Thomas's ADL (activities of daily living) form he filled out yesterday with his advocate and Dr. K. immediately hushed me and invited me into the inner sanctum that I was about to be denied access to.

Once inside I explained to him what was going on with SSI disability and things were said I don't remember now, nothing important, but then I did say, as my part in the whole thing was appearing to come to an end,

"Thomas is doing really good right now."

Well. You would have thought I was a criminal, at least that's how I felt, by saying that. He stopped me and said,

"I think we need to hear that right out of the horse's mouth (meaning Thomas)."

Well...pfft...okay...excuse me for doing what I've been asked to do for every appointment for the last two months. Apparently my time has come though. I have outlived my usefulness and now I am relegated back to the waiting room to play slot machines on my phone. Not such a bad fate but Dr. K. had me laughing about the way I was asked to leave. I'll never understand that man. We go along fine one way and then he throws a wrench in the works and we start back over at square one with me sitting in the waiting room wondering what's going on. Yes, none of my business, I know, but it's hard to be booted out after all of this time.

Alas, I will survive though. I do l like my slot machines.

Earlier in the day Thomas and I worked over the speaker phone with his advocate on the ADL. That was very enlightening. Wow! You just don't realize how much your loved one has lost to this illness until you sit through a 45 minute questionaire and they question Thomas on what he does every day, what he DOESN'T do, how his meds affect him, how work affects him and so on and so forth. I came away from that meeting, my brow furrowed, surprised at what Thomas's life has become. I guess the one and only bright side to this rather sad news is that it'll look good for Social Security I suppose.

So, that pretty much made up our day yesterday. I do want to say again, in closing, that this article I'm working on should be pretty cool because, and this is what I most care about about the article, Thomas is taking a big active role in the writing and pictures that will be used in the article. I even interviewed my husband for it which frankly was quite sad and I'm debating whether or not to even put it in to the article though it does reflect his true feelings. It's just that those feelings are kind of harsh. As least I feel they are because I know the true reality behind those comments. I just wish so badly that he felt differently.

Oh well.

Also, in case I haven't said this, when the article is done I will post a link to it here. I can't wait to hear what you guys think!

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