Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meds Day

Today we go and see Dr. N. I think it's been almost 3 weeks and a lot has happened during that time. I know with the whole akathesia thing I really wanted to talk to him about that but didn't even attempt to contact him since it's so hard to reach him. He is a professor at a local college and his psychiatric practice he does on the side so he's only reachable by email which means even if I call in to his office they have to contact him by email and in my experience he doesn't get back right away. Even the secretary told me that if he doesn't answer his emails that they'll hand his cases over to another psychiatrist in the practice. This makes me uneasy for some reason but you can be sure if there is anything serious going on with Thomas I would take anyone's advice from the practice but would prefer Dr. N. I am not going to put Dr. N. down because he can only be reached that way because I like the guy. He obviously cares about Thomas and I feel like, for the most part, he has handled Thomas's case pretty decently. So, at any rate, we will see him today.

Thomas's akathesia has gotten better though. That's good but it makes me wonder if the Cymbalta was the culprit. The pharmacist told me that akathesia is not a side effect of Cymbalta and she figured to was a combination of all of his meds in concert with the Cymbalta. I can't be sure but since it was isolated to 4 or 5 days and it accompanied the whole not showering thing and the mood changes and the haggard look on Thomas's face, I'm starting to wonder if it's more schizophrenia than meds. Thomas has had akathesia before that I am positive came as a symptom of schizophrenia and that 4 weeks was hell for him because he became like a caged animal and was on a hair trigger with his anger. I am curious to see what Dr. N. has to say about it.

Another thing that has been happening on a regular basis is that Thomas now walks a little over a mile with me just about every day. I am on a "diet" (I hate that word) and any exercise I can get in, I try to get it wherever I can so admittedly I "use" Thomas as an excuse to get another mile in to my exercise regimen. Even better than racking up miles for my own benefit is that Thomas and I have gotten some quality time. Our walks take about 20 minutes so we are each other's captive audience for that time. I try to engage him in all sorts of conversation and surprisingly most times I get something out of him. We have talked about everything from how he won a particular tank in his favorite computer game to what we think waits for us in the afterlife. I know that sounds a bit odd but our walk circumvents our local cemetery and the other day there were 2 huge funerals going on so I took the opportunity to talk to Thomas about death and life after death. Since he just lost his grandpa I have wondered what he thinks. It is a post for another day but he has some pretty interesting ideas about what waits for him after he dies.

So, anyway, today is our long drive up to see Dr. N. I will have more information tomorrow about what he thinks is going on with Thomas. I am really curious what he sees and what he'll suggest as a result. One thing's for sure, Thomas wants to stay on Cymbalta so I don't think that'll go anywhere.

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