Monday, September 01, 2014

"I Feel Like A Normal Person Nowadays"

As I have worked HOURS on this upcoming article of mine, I have noticed a few things with Thomas happen. There is so much contrast between the Thomas of a year ago that I am writing about in this article and the one I've got now. Could it be? Could he be recovering and hanging on to it? Now, I have been accused to not supporting the "recovery model" whatever that means where Thomas is concerned. There has not been one second where I felt like he and I weren't working towards recovery. Frankly, I think, what else can you do but go to therapy, see a psychiatrist, work to find the right meds and rehab his life? All we've done is work towards recovery and I think we're well on our way.

As such, here we are. He goes to work with only a tiny discernable edge of depression in his demeanor, he's in a decent mood most of the time, he's doing the things I ask without a single complaint, and he is taking his meds on time and regularly, among other things. I am beginning to feel like things are pretty normal around here except for a few glitches here and there. C'mon though, what are a few glitches when we're looking at a human being living life? I know I glitch all of the time because my husband picks up on them and points them out but I wouldn't necessarily say they're because I have bipolar disorder. I am human. And so is Thomas.

So, I've been working on this article and the editor asked if Thomas would be willing to be interviewed for the article. I was very nervous to ask him for some reason. I guess I was afraid he'd refuse and I wanted the world to see that he, too, has a voice in all of this. Well, luckily he agreed to do it so I asked him several questions about events in his life, especially since his illness, and what I got were about 5 words per response. Short, to the point, and always just stating how scared he has been in his life during his most difficult times. One thing's for sure, Thomas is a man of few words. I laugh because people have asked him to write a blog entry here. I really wonder what that would look like. If I am asking him pointed questions and his response is--at best--a 5 word answer, how would it go for him writing an entire entry? I don't know, that is just a musing of mine at the moment.

So, to sum up this whole article thing I asked him to put in his two cents on how he feels nowadays after having been through the hell of the last 2 years. His response?

"I feel like a normal person nowadays."

How great is that? He feels normal. What more could you ask for from a kid with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia?

I asked him, too, what his dreams were for his future. That I will leave to be revealed in the article which I'm not sure when it will be published. I will tell you this though. I am on version 5 of the edits and I see AT LEAST 2 more versions in the future so it'll be a while before it is posted. I have been asked by a few people where and when the article will be posted and I want to let you know, in closing today, that when it is finally finished and published, I will be posting it here so you all can go see it. I am VERY EXCITED about it and I am VERY PROUD of it for so many reasons so I am looking forward to your thoughts on it. I will say this though in advance of the article. Every last line, every last thought, every last word was approved by Thomas and despite being a man of few words, his voice will be heard loud and clear if for no other reason than that people will see that he took part in the article either by being interviewed or by confirming my experience, my memory of the moments of his life that tested him.

He's an amazing, brave young man. His voice is loud. If only I am able to hear it, I will assure you that he's here by my side speaking his experiences and sharing them with a world where anything can happen as a result.

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