Thursday, August 14, 2014

The SSI Advocate

Since Thomas was denied SSI I went ahead and contacted his advocate and asked what we should do. She gave me instructions to contact Social Security and fill out an appeal. At the time that she told me that I, then, went through Social Security and took care of getting that form. I then called the advocate back.

I called.

Then called again.

Then called again....

Each time I left a message with her and I got no response. Nothing. It went to voicemail every time and even after telling her that I had called multiple times and had not heard from her, she still didn't call me back. So, I decided to go through other channels at that office and I spoke to a manager. Of course she told me that she had "just had a conversation with Kim" and that she "was about to call me and fill me in" but I didn't believe that for a second. You see, the deal is, because Thomas was denied, they said that they couldn't do anything to help with the appeal, that it was all in my hands.



Isn't that your job?? To advocate for Thomas and get him through the entire process of securing disability?

She did tell me that when the appeals process was over and the process moved on that they would pick up and help from there. After her saying that I thought about just exactly what they had done for Thomas. To make this post short I will narrow the whole mess down to that they basically filled out the initial application. From there, everything else has been in our hands. Every form, every meeting with Social Security, every question I needed answered, all came from my initiative and all were dealt with through Social Security.

Not the "advocate".

So, if they can't help me through the appeals process and if Thomas sails through that fine, then why am I going back to depending on the "advocate" to help? What burns me up is that they will get a cut of Thomas' back pay when he is approved and that potentially could be quite a chunk of money, a least a couple thousand, and somehow I just don't see how they deserve to get anything more than probably $100 for filling out the initial application.

Interestingly when I had one of the meetings with Social Security they looked at who was "handling" the case and they told me that these people cannot take any part of his disability because it would be illegal.


Was Interesting.

So, with everything that has gone down with this whole process where the "advocate" is concerned, I am going to see about letting them go. I'm comfortable with the process of acquiring disability now, I have been a pro at all of the meetings with Social Security and frankly, if all there is left to do to determine if Thomas can get SSI is Social Security themselves pulling Thomas' medical records then what exactly is the advocate going to have done for us in the end?

Needless to say I am irked (to say the least) and I think I need to get control of this whole process and toss the "advocate" to the curb where she belongs.

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  1. I am sorry you are having a hard time getting ssi When my husband was first treated with the same. The docs helped a lot getting him ssi so see if your doc can help


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