Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!

Okay, yeah, I know it's a little early for Halloween but I have a really good reason for bringing it up. It seems we have found a kind of cure for Thomas' work night blues.

Saturday night he got in the car after work and I was prepared for the usual low mood from him but I asked anyway,

"How was work tonight?"

What came out of his mouth next was such a shock to me that I almost slammed on the brakes. His reply?

"It was good."

Good. Yes...good. Said with no sarcasm, moodiness, no nothing. It was a genuine and to my ears it was the most beautiful sound. I had to ask him again to see if his answer would be the same and it was. I asked him why he had had such a good night and this is why:

It seems that the store has finally brought in some Halloween decorations. They are stocking up (WAY too early in my opinion but that's beside the point) and Thomas gets to be around it all and peruse all of the different things. This fact, these Halloween things being there, seems to be the thing that has helped him feel better about work. He is so excited! He then went on to tell me this,

"There is a skeleton laying in a hammock. Do you want to know what his name is?"

Omigosh (I thought) "YES"! (I said) Tell me what his name is since he obviously makes you happy. (I thought)

"His name is "Lazy Bones. Get it? He's a skeleton and he's laying on a hammock so he's a lazy bones!" He told me as he laughed a little.

Okay, so I'm not going to hide the fact that right now I really love Mr. Lazy Bones and have half a mind to go buy one and hang it in my house in August. Could it be? Could the impending holiday season be the thing that is going to keep him happy and remaining at work for a while longer? I know he REALLY loves Christmas so he has to at least stick around for Christmas.


I hope so.

So, from out of left field (or left graveyard if I am trying to be funny) Lazy Bones came in and saved the day. At the 11th hour when all hope seemed lost, some silly decoration strung between two poles has saved the day and helped Thomas feel better. So, for 2 nights now he has gone to work fine and come home stating that he had a "good" night at work.

I couldn't be happier right now.

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