Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Ride In A Time Machine

Well, here we go again. I know Thomas would tell me it's nothing at all but my "spidey sense" tells me something's up. It seems we are going back in time again to a much simpler age--or was it? I suppose it could be because of what the era brings to Thomas.

It is the 1940's right now in my house. WWII is happening, the catchphrases are cute, the music is jolly and simple in its message and it all seems to have grabbed Thomas in a bigger way than before. You see, he's been here before. He'll get in the car and tune the XM radio to 40's on 4 and a different era of music fills the car. He says it relaxes him. That's good and I'll listen to that infernal music until I'm blue in the face--it's not my favorite, in fact it really bugs me-- but I'll listen to it because it makes him happy. Somehow, though, it and the era have captured him yet again.

On Tuesday he came to me with a new drawing. I love how this happens because it's like a present to me. He comes in to the living room and asks,

"I have a new drawing, do you want to see it?"

Of course I do!! He's drawing, he's expressing himself through art, of course I want to see what he's come up with. When he handed it to me it took me a second to process. Written across the picture of a man in a suit was something in a strange font. I studied it and finally it came in to focus. It said, "40's Man". It was written like he's a superhero and instantly I loved him as Thomas explained to me how he had done research and found how the suits were styled back then so he could draw an authentic suit on his character. Above the man's head was a saying, something like "don't pop a cap......" I don't remember the rest but it was obviously some slang saying from the 40's. That, too, he had researched and added to his drawing. Well, 40's Man was immediately scanned and put up on all of his social media. Thomas is very proud of him. With 40's Man, though, has come a couple other things that puzzle me a bit.

Now, I have no complaints about the fact that he listens to that era of music, it's not that, it's that he is now sitting in front of the computer staring at a screen with what looks to me like a Pandora Radio screen only it's not Pandora, it's something else. Anyway, he's just staring at this screen and wearing his headphones. I couldn't just let it go because it was odd. His screen is always filled with YouTube garbage so this new thing is odd. It turns out, it's a 40's music radio station and he's mesmerized. Go figure. Again, all of this is fine, I have zero complaints because anything's better than that obnoxious "devil music" I hate for him to fill his head with.

Then, and this is the most puzzling of all, there is his lopsided, a now almost permanent smile, on his face like he's heard a joke and he's the only one who heard the punch line and he's amused. I asked him probably 3 times yesterday what was so funny and all he tells me is that he "heard something funny."


"Heard something funny."

Where exactly? Which I don't ask him and I don't push for details. So he hears something funny, well, if he's going to hear something then something funny is the best thing to hear. But what the heck is SO FUNNY?!?!? In actuality the whole thing makes me smile too. I tell my husband "he's doing it again" and I laugh a little bit. It's cute! And I love it, but I'd sure like to know exactly where he's hearing the funny thing from.

So here he is again, caught in the 40's. WWII is going on, the catchphrases are cute, the music is jolly and simple in its message and something there in this new world of his is endlessly funny. I love my new Thomas, my "40's Man". Anything that makes him smile makes me smile and with him, I am happy to jump into the time machine and travel back in time.

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