Saturday, August 16, 2014

A quick note for this Saturday morning.

First of all I want to answer page member Malena's question about how to get an advocate. I found mine in the next town over and their sign said something like "Disability advocacy" and I went inside to see what they did and this is the kind of thing they do. They are a non-attorney representative so theoretically they can't be paid out of the "winnings" from Social Security. Malena, perhaps check your telephone book for something like this or for an attorney or go online. If you live in a small town it might be a little harder. The only attorney I found that I liked and trusted was 50 miles away and he wouldn't do anything to give me help until Thomas was denied and then he makes it his life's mission to get approved. I hope you are able to find someone to help you that didn't turn out to be the pain that mine is. Good luck!

As for me, I have got to say this first. TRUST ME, me, more than any of you, is tired of writing about, or reading about in your case, the trials in my life that seem to be thrown my direction a lot. The thing is, though, I feel a responsibility to tell you because you come here to the page to learn about what it's like to love someone and care for someone with schizophrenia but sometimes (more often lately apparently) things happen that get in my way of doing that.

This time around I haven't been on my page much writing because Monday I injured a ligament in my neck and it's made my head and neck virtually immobile so sitting at a computer for too long hurts very badly. I have been through the wringer trying to get help which included dealing with some pretty nasty healthcare workers and ultimately I find myself with very little help for my situation. It seems I have degenerative disks on my c5 and c6 bones in my neck and then also the torn ligament and muscle spasms to top it all off. The "cure" for this......well... there isn't one. Because it's a ligament injury, any chiropractic care, any physical therapy, any massage therapy will further injure my neck so all I can do is keep my head and neck in a comfortable position for the next 4-6 weeks until the ligament heals which entails me basically, as best as I can understand the instructions given to me, I can't really move my head, tip it, nod it, you name it. As a result of all of this, sitting at my computer hurts so I don't know how much of that I'll be doing for the next few weeks. So, please bear with me. I will try to keep the page lively but it may be sporadic

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