Thursday, July 24, 2014

SSDI, SSI The Big Red Stamp Of Rejection

After being told that Thomas was a shoe-in for getting disability, when the letters arrived I was eager to open them. First came the SSDI letter.

The reason for that rejection is that he doesn't have enough "work credits". I had gotten mixed messages from people attached to the disability process that said he did have enough and some said he didn't. So I was never quite sure what I would get when all of this shook out. So, for now, as it stands, Thomas doesn't qualify for SSDI.

Then came the SSI envelope. It was one of those big brown ones that make you think there is a lot of information and that it's very important. Inside was a shiny folder titled "Your Supplemental Security Income Folder." "There you go," I thought. So at least he was still in the running for that. The folder contained a transcript from our conversation with social security and they were asking for corrections on it and for us to return it if it needed any. It didn't. So I put it away to wait for the next step. I didn't have to wait long because the next day another letter arrived from social security. THIS one I was nervous to open. My nerves were right and as I read the letter I realized that it was yet another rejection. C'mon people, REALLY?

As it turns out Thomas has too much money in his bank accounts. $300 more than what he's allotted to have if he were to be approved. "You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" I thought. $300, that's all. Needless to say I was on the phone immediately with his advocate and I was asking her what I should do.

It turns out that the problem is that I have been paying Thomas' medical bills FOR him. Every one that rolled in I paid for. I was trying to help him because he couldn't afford to pay for them himself. As a result of that he had been able to hang on to the savings account he had collected, nickel and dime, his entire life. Now, though, it became clear that in order to get approved for SSI he is going to have to pay all of his medical bills himself. I brought his stack of bills to him and explained it all to him and told him that his savings account was going to dwindle. The disappointment in his eyes was heartbreaking. You see, he very much loves controlling his money. Everything has to go the EXACT. RIGHT. WAY. or he is uncomfortable. Well, "uncomfortable" doesn't really even describe it. He controls WHEN his paycheck gets put in the bank, HOW it gets put in the bank, THE RECEIPT he gets from putting it in the bank and just about everything else in his power to control. He is HUGHLY SUSPICIOUS of the banking system and doesn't trust it so he feels he needs to be on top of it at all times.

So, now here I was telling him that over $500 of it had to be transferred out of his savings account and immediately paid to doctor's bills. I feel absolutely HORRIBLE for him. He has had that beautiful savings account his entire life and now, right before his very eyes, it is dwindling away--fast. I tried to explain to him that if he gets SSI then he'll get his money back but that offered him no solace. He rode beside me in the car stone-faced and quiet and I just wanted to cry.

At any rate, we are now back in the game and I will get the SSI resubmitted. What irks me right now is that they stopped the whole determination process before even speaking to his doctors so they have no idea how sick he is and has been for 2 years. I have got to get them to push past this money thing so that they can see that this kid is in need of his SSI.

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