Friday, June 27, 2014

The Tides Have Turned

Yesterday was Thomas' therapy session. This one was a good one, at least the part I was in. His therapist went through the usual 1-10 scales and Thomas scored a 1 on everything including his delusions. I was happy about that. We did kind of solidify that his delusional thinking goes up when he's influenced by TV shows or reading about the subject matter that encourages those delusions. Thomas and I had watched one of those shows a couple of days before and he had come through it fine so perhaps that couple of weeks where the delusions spiked were just a fluke. His therapist keeps saying that anxiety/depression/ certain symptoms of schizophrenia are much like the weather, they can change day to day, hour to hour. I know he's said that probably 50 times by now but I can never seem to grasp that fully. When Thomas goes to the bad place I tend to think he is headed into another extended period of time of being sick. Hopefully soon I'll get on board with that way of thinking but I still fall back on the fact that schizophrenia is chronic which means it's, at some point, going to stop being like the weather and more like months of Thomas being locked in prison.

What I wanted to point out most in today post is that his therapist, once again, brought up Thomas' meds. He was asking Thomas about his side effects and I felt sure we were headed back down the road to bad-mouthing meds. Then he asked the question that had potential to make me very mad.

"Tom, have you thought about stopping your meds?"

I sat for a second and tried to process just exactly where we were going with this. When Thomas said, "no", his therapist then asked him if he realized that his meds were what were making him better.

Well, alright then!! Thank you!!

Thomas said he did which made me happy and made me like his therapist for recognizing that himself. He said to Thomas,

"You are very lucky Tom because not everyone has such great success with medications."

Yes. Thank you.

Finally we were on the same page again.

Then the two of them talked a bit about Thomas' social anxiety and I was wanting to get out of there because I felt like my "services" were no longer needed. I was dismissed soon after that and I went to run errands.

When Thomas came out of therapy and got in the car, I had a new kid with me. My previously mute kid was talking to me again!! Not only that, he was smiling and animated! Thank God! I had been missing him for days so having him back talking to me felt so good.

So, therapy was a great success and the tides had finally turned concerning his therapist's thoughts on meds. I'm hoping this is going to stay this way for a while but like the weather and the tides (come to think of it they're similar in that they are constantly changing) things will probably change. In the mean time I hope my happy, animated kid sticks around a while. I like him a whole lot more than that other kid I have had for days.

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