Tuesday, May 06, 2014

What's Next?

I figured since Thomas has been getting better and also sailing through his desensitization therapy that there was little else to work on. Our lives have been schizophrenia, schizophrenia, schizophrenia for 2, almost 3, years now. Everything in therapy centered around working with delusions and hallucinations and then as he got better, this whole thing with the police. Thomas is leaving all of that in the dust though and seems to be doing really well. So I had to wonder, what's next for him therapy wise?

Well I got my answer when Thomas got into the car last Thursday. I knew that they were going to go down to the police station so I thought that's what I would hear about but instead he told me about the new plan. He said,

"Because I have social anxiety, he wants me to start interacting with people more."

I thought this was a fantastic idea since he had been isolated for so long and 90% of his friendships are cultivated online. He has always had trouble with calling anyone on the phone too and in fact he and I had gotten in fights over him doing that very thing. He also has trouble with many other things socially speaking so what Thomas' therapist implemented on Thursday was a great new plan.

They went to the police station as usual last Thursday but then after that went to Dairy Queen to get a Blizzard. It was there that his therapist had a brilliant idea. He asked Thomas to select anyone in the restaurant and ask them for the time. I know that this must have been excruciating for Thomas but when we were riding home he told me all about it.

He picked an older couple and went up to them and asked them for the time. They didn't have it. So he left and went back to his therapist. He told me that when he got there he remembered that he could check the time on his phone. To me, there is where there is still a disconnect with Thomas. The plan was to be social and ask someone for the time and he did that but then after doing that it's like he resets and he thinks to himself,

"I don't need to ask anyone for the time, I have it on my phone."

And he told me he checked his phone and got the time and moved on. He's doing better in so many ways but there are these little glitches that pop up. I wonder as time goes on and the medication continues to work if he will have these little glitches in his thought processes. I do know that he's always been a bit quirky like that. Even before he got sick he had little things he would do or say that would make his dad and I stop for a second and just look at him. I wonder though, since he's older and since he's medicated and since he's matured some, if these things will go away.

So, for now it sounds like the plan for therapy is to work on social anxiety. Earlier in my life this was something that affected me a great deal so I'm hoping with some targeted therapy that he'll come away from it in a better place than I did. More than anything, it is so nice now to have moved away from all things schizophrenia into more "normal" waters dealing with "ordinary" problems like anxiety.

Let the healing begin!

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