Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Mission

As many of you know, I will be going to Las Vegas for 4 days this week. Unfortunately my trip has coincided with SCHIZOPHRENIA AWARENESS WEEK. What I have done to keep a presence out there during this very important week is prepare graphics with facts and information about schizophrenia to be released during the week. I will have these scheduled which means they are pre-posted and ready to go as of today but they will be released by Facebook at various times throughout the day, all week. From Sunday until Wednesday I'll be in Vegas but I won't be far from the page as I will monitor it from my tablet and phone and see if you guys are helping me make it a successful week. I'm counting on you to do your part by (most especially) 'sharing' and 'liking' the graphics you see in your timelines. I am so excited about this week and the fact that this is our time to educate the world. OK, and yes, I am excited about 4 days away from my life and getting to go to a city where I can cut loose and have a good time!! :)

As for Thomas he seems okay with me going to Vegas. He had a lot of worries about remembering meds but I promised him I would text him reminders. I know I should be letting him fend for himself but he says he's going to miss me so much so I feel like I need to have a "mom presence" in his life while I'm gone.

Yesterday I came home from being out with my mom and we drove up to the house and found Thomas sitting on the front porch. This is something that always worries me because the front porch is where he escapes to when he's feeling "trapped" in the house which is never a good sign. We sat in the car and watched him for a little bit and I worried about what I was witnessing. There he was sitting there reading a book that I know once fed his delusions. I got out of the car and approached the front porch and he looked up at me completely annoyed and agitated. I took note of the fact that he was also blasting his "devil music" on his phone. The book, the music, the agitation all worry me for him especially since I'm leaving. I'm hoping it's nothing and praying that if it is something that it will stay under some semblance of control until I get home on Wednesday.

Okay, so, this is my goodbye to you guys for now. I have a lot to do today to keep "my boys" (my husband and Thomas) happy while I'm gone which includes planning meals and preparing a couple ahead of time so that they can just be thrown in the oven. I also have to finish up packing and I want to write notes for Thomas for my husband to leave for him every morning when he wakes up. I have pushed my "things to do" to the bitter end of my time before my vacation so I have to get moving.

I'll be looking for you guys and your support of SCHIZOPHRENIA AWARENESS WEEK via this page this week. I am so excited at the potential here to make a difference.

Together we can make a difference!!!!

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