Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Towards A More Independent Thomas

I'm pretty certain Thomas' therapist is reading my blog.

I say this because yesterday's session covered everything I talked about in the blog yesterday including that I was called in to the session. As I sat there and each topic I covered in the blog was touched on, I was having a sort of deja vu experience going on. If that is the case then I'm kind of glad he's here because he'll get a day to day snapshot of what goes on here and how Thomas is and how I'm feeling. It could be a very good tool for him.

Since I wrote what I did yesterday I guess I don't have to cover it all again except to say a few things. He brought up Thomas' moving in to his grandma's and I was right in that his intention had been for Thomas to literally move in with grandma. I had tried to give him the benefit of the doubt in that I was hoping what he was saying was that Thomas should VISIT his grandma but he was quite set on Thomas' moving in with her being a bridge to independence. I explained to him that that option was never on the table and probably never would be. In it's place what we did decided was that my husband and I would take a weekend and go somewhere together leaving Thomas alone in a simulated independent environment. I hadn't given that much thought since it was last brought up because Thomas had expressed that he was afraid that his paranoia would be very bad and he didn't want us to leave. Things appear to have changed though so it looks like a weekend away with my husband is in the works! Woo hoo!!!!!!

I was finally booted out of the session which was fine since we had covered the things that I wanted addressed. I sat and waited for Thomas in the waiting room and then the door opened and I was called back in. What came from that is kind of cool, I think.

The plan for next week is for Thomas and his therapist to walk to a local fast good restaurant but do it by way of walking through our local police headquarters. The idea is that his therapist wants to desensitize Thomas to the police. I think I like this idea. In fact, I like it a lot. Thomas will be with a safe person and he'll get a chance to experience something that scares him and hopefully he can be healed from it.

The plan the week after is for the two of them to go up to the college and look into taking one class. We all agree that Thomas' choice in a major is a little concerning because it feeds his delusions but Thomas' socialization is more important.

The other plan is to get Thomas to learn the city bus system and maybe use it to get himself to work. That ought to ramp up his anxiety but I think it would be a good idea for him.

I have to wonder though, I know the therapist is jumping in with and pushing these new plans because right now Thomas seems to be getting better so we're trying to "strike while the iron's hot" but it makes me a little nervous. It feels like we went from zero to sixty in a short time and perhaps we might be putting a little too much on Thomas' plate. Only time will tell so for now, as far as Thomas and his therapist are concerned, I am going to set aside my doubts and fears and let the two of them have a go at teaching Thomas independence.

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