Friday, March 28, 2014

Diagnosis? Fine.

In a way I was glad that I wasn't pulled into Thomas' therapy yesterday because I felt he needed time for himself. I have to say I felt a bit rejected though (LOL) because I've been in on every session for a long time. I didn't feel I had much to offer though and only reminded Thomas to talk about his paranoia about the police officer outside his work. They disappeared into the room so I decided to go run errands. It was kind of freeing in a way.

I came back early and sat in the waiting room and played slot machines on my phone. They have become a release of sorts for me and I just thank God that I don't have a real addiction to slots where I spend a great deal of money and my time going out to the real casino just outside of town. To be fair, the casino is very tight with their giving of winnings so I really hate them and don't want them to have a cent of my money because every time I lose $20 to them. They've got enough of me and so I play virtual slots in the comfort of my home, or waiting rooms as the case may be.

Anyway, I waited for Thomas and at the end they both emerged. Doctor and patient came out exuding enthusiasm and smiles. I thought to myself,

"okayyyyyyyyy what's up?"

The two cats that ate the canary approached me and his therapist spoke first. It seems the two of them came up with the brilliant plan (read sarcasm here) of Thomas moving to his grandma's house. Wow. Really? This was news to me. His therapist went on as if this was gospel and the perfect plan for God knows what (Thomas' future) and when he was done talking he dumped it all in my lap. I was like,


Where did this come from and who said Thomas could move to grandma's never mind that my mom nor myself had weighed in on this grand plan and here I was being forced, in front of Thomas, to agree that this was a great plan that I should embrace and that I should encourage my "lonely mom" to do. That was what his therapist said,

"Since grandma is very lonely these days it might be nice to have some company with her and Thomas can do work around the house like mow the lawn or trim bushes for rent."

Wait. What?

You see, all of this was being thrust upon me like the two of them had dreamed up this wild plan and it was now set in stone and somehow they were attempting to curry my favor and allow this.

I stammered and tried to gauge what I was supposed to say here. For one, this was entirely my mom's decision and I already knew her answer to that pretty much since we had talked about that maybe happening somewhere in the future, way down the line and only if Thomas got sicker and needed a change of scenery. The final verdict of my conversation with my mom had been that she would like to have him with her for a night or two but that was it. Moving in altogether though? Yeah, not going to happen.

So I tried to not hurt Thomas' feelings because he was so lit up about this great plan but I told the two of them that grandma said she'd like him to stay a night or two. Thomas' therapist backpeddled a bit on his enthusiasm and Thomas seemed to resign himself to a lesser plan. Why does his therapist do this to me? This isn't the first time that this has happened. I have been pounced on several times before with similar revelations that apparently I was supposed to jump on board with and not only jump on board but light up bright like them. Mostly it just makes me mad at his therapist and makes me feel bad for Thomas as I am forced to shoot down the plan because nobody thought to ask me why these things can't happen like the plan.

At any rate, as per usual, I shot down the plan, said Grandma would have him for a day or two and gave his therapist a look to make him shut up about it. Then the next announcement came. "Thomas' paranoia is at an all time low."

Wait. What?

What about the police car out in front of work? How did that figure in to this new diagnosis? Thomas looked so proud and I let that one be but when we got in the car I checked with him.

"So you're feeling better about your paranoia huh? What is your number (rated from 1-10 1 being low, 10 being high) and he proudly stated he was a 1. Well, alrighty then. He's fine.

No, he's fine and he's moving out.

What the heck happened in that room without me there? Oh well, I guess my help wasn't needed yesterday except that the reasons I have been in there in the past was to tell the story of Thomas for Thomas since he can't remember what happened even 3 hours ago.

Well, ok then, I'm letting them both have their good day and their grand plans. It's good that Thomas feels better yesterday but I am unconvinced that we're looking at a complete about-face in his illness.

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