Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good Sunday Morning!

I received an email from Thomas' therapist yesterday. On a Saturday no less which tells me my email made its point. He began by stating all of his qualifications (which are vast and impressive) and explained that he was not acting as a medical doctor when he said what he said. That's fine but it doesn't change how I heard it, I still think I heard him right, and it doesn't change my feelings on how it all was presented. I realize that he is not a medical doctor and I didn't feel I was implying that, I was merely trying to get my point across that the way it was presented really was done poorly and irresponsibly. He took no ownership of what he had done and instead did what he did that day and that is defend his stance. I would have liked to have seen some sort of apology but I don't think I am going to get that. Later on today I will post an excerpt from that email where he explains why he did what he did. You all can decide what you think and perhaps it'll change your minds. It didn't mine.

As for Thomas, he is isolating again and has not showered since Thursday when I last reminded him. I don't remind him every day because when I do, I am met with resistance. I did catch him in a loving moment last night and during a hug I told him that perhaps tomorrow (today) might be a good day to shower since his Aunt is coming to visit. He said he would but asked me to remind him again. One thing that sticks with him no matter how much better he gets (which seems in a bit of a backslide at the moment) his memory still suffers a great deal. He has always had memory problems but they almost seem worse. The question remains, is it just who he is or is it the meds? His therapist tried to argue on Thursday that some of his symptoms like his memory loss and his self esteem and his flatness might be the result of meds. I think this was done in order to build his case about the cessation of meds. I (again) would argue that those things have been around much longer than the meds and in fact, Thomas backed me up on Thursday and said the same thing.

So, as for Thomas, I think we are in a holding pattern of sorts right now. I think the decrease in clozaril and the yet to be increase in Latuda is stalling his progress towards better mental health. As his mom I am ok with that for right now. I just fear the return of the more acute symptoms. I have not heard from Dr. N. about decreasing the clozaril another level so we're kind of stalled in that respect too. Thomas' heart rate remains high though so I think continuing to stop the clozaril will be what's on order as we move forward.

Well, I am going to have my coffee and then post a few more things for you including one of the videos that Thomas' therapist sent me to watch. I am going to post my opinion on it but if you have the time, you ought to watch it and decide where you stand after watching it too.

Have a good day everyone and I look forward to your thoughts on this and my other posts today.


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