Sunday, February 16, 2014

Excerpt From The Therapist's Email:


Let me say at the outset that I am not aware of ever telling Thomas to stop his medication at Thursdays appointment. Such a statement would be unprofessional and would indicate that I was practicing medicine without a license. Since I have been appointed ___________.... (insert impressive qualifications here that I am not posting them because it's very revealing as to who he is and I am going to protect that out of courtesy and respect--but you get the gist of what he's saying) ...I'm highly cognizant of what is professional and ethical.

I do believe I alluded to the fact during Thursday's session that unfortunately all of the antipsychotic medications attempted up until now have not remitted the majority of the psychotic symptoms. And unfortunately he may be recalcitrant to such psychotropic interventions as a small group of individuals are. However for Tom to not despair if such continues to be the case. That was my intent in sharing the information with Tom."
So, ok, there it is straight from the good doctor's mouth. You decide (and maybe even post here) what you think. He summed up here what he thinks he said in session but the summary is not the same as the conversation that ensued after his revelation. Again, I am not accusing him of trying to practice medicine at all but passing along information like he did angers me and I still feel it had the possibility of swaying Thomas away from his meds. If this was an innocent observation or thought, I wouldn't have reacted in the way that I did. I was immediately on the defensive and I think I was doing so for good reason.

To be fair, I think passing the information on would have been just fine if it had been done in a much different way. I am not adverse to such a thing however I really wish it had been presented differently and again, with a heads up for me. Schizophrenia and meds, in my experience, are a polarizing discussion (much like religion, politics and money) and it takes intelligent debate to find a middle ground. I was prepared enough that I said my peace in his office however had I had a heads up I would have been better prepared.

So, anyway, there you have it. I will post one of the videos in a little while so be looking for it. It is long (about an hour and a half) but it is worth watching when you have the time. I certainly ran the gamut of emotions while watching it but mostly felt angry and defensive. If you watch it, be sure to post your thoughts. I am very interested in them.

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