Friday, January 10, 2014

The New Psychiatrist

Thomas saw his new psychiatrist yesterday. This is good, this is so good that he has this new psychiatrist to follow his meds. He has agreed to take Thomas on as a patient which gave me some peace of mind and Thomas likes him. Without my asking he even told me that he was going to call down to the pharmacy and let them know he was taking over prescribing the clozaril and he said he'd call the lab and tell them he was the one ordering the blood tests now. I loved his assertiveness as far as that went but that assertiveness began and ended right there.

Now, I liked the guy too. He's young, probably my age and he has an accent. After a little digging I discovered that he's from Brazil so that makes things interesting to me. He went to school there but did his residency here in the states. I very curious what his education taught him. His reputation preceded him in that I knew he does ECT and I was left with the impression that he liked to prescribe cocktails of medications. He mentioned neither of those things, in fact, he's taking meds away from Thomas and he's not touching the clozaril dose even though he admits that Thomas is nowhere near at a therapeutic level. I'm baffled. I guess I went in there thinking this guy was going to wave his magic wand and meds of all shapes and sizes were going to rain down on us but that didn't happen. The opposite did. So, right now I am still trying to process the whole visit. Why take a young man who is obviously psychotic and under-treated and take away one of his meds and do nothing with the dose of the "last resort" med that he so desperately needs? Remember? He is on this med because he's treatment resistant and was close to hospitalization, for God's sake he is psychotic and we're leaving him on an extremely less than optimal dose of the one medication with promise in it's tiny pill to make my son better.

Needless to say I am needing to process what's going on and I need, now, to keep an eye on Thomas since he's so under-medicated and is suffering terribly right now. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. This immense anxiety, the crippling anxiety that keeps Thomas from being able to go to or if he goes he cannot stay at work, according to the new psychiatrist, the clozaril causes that anxiety. So, ok, is clozaril even the right choice for him and if the drug of "last resort" doesn't work for him, then what? THEN WHAT???

Well, so, there it is. We see him in 2 weeks so we'll see what happens then. I'm shaking my head and extremely curious what the plan is here. In the meantime, I'm going to keep an eye on Thomas. I feel terrible for him and how much he's suffering. There must be some help for him out there somewhere.

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